I began this page to talk about how stuff I had been through and how I was trying to rediscover myself. I had a period where I lost myself in a relationship and after coming out of it I find myself as a different person. Sometimes I’m stronger other times more vulnerable. I want to grow as a person and a year ago I decided to push myself out of comfort zones. I began solo travelling, I paraglided, I white water rafted, I opened up my heart in a room full of strangers about what I’d been through. Stuff I never would have even considered before.

On this blog I speak about the exciting trips I have planned & the hikes I take around Ireland. I also talk about past experiences I have had as when I was going through them I felt very alone and the times when I read or heard about people in similar situations it made me feel less alone and more normal.

A constant feature in this blog is my pet dog Izzie. Without her I wouldn’t be the same as she got me through tough years. So her name will be mentioned sporadically.

I hope you enjoy reading. My main goal is for people to connect with something I’ve written. If they are in a toxic relationship to know that they don’t have to stay in it. If they fancy solo travel but are nervous or don’t know how to plan it. If they too have a shite dating life with catfishes galore! If anything that you read does connect I would be so happy to hear from you and discuss it.

Thanks for reading!

Ms Brightside xxx

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