So long 2017…..

Ok so I tried writing a post on 2017 & honest to god it was very depressing. However it was honest so I am going to try & start again, a bit more upbeat. Let me start by explaining I struggled this year a lot. On social media you wont see pictures of me unhappy as who really posts that online? However I am open about how hard I found life this year as for me it always helps when I hear of people who can relate. Therefore I want to use this blog for people who feel the same & may make them feel a bit lighter knowing they aren’t alone.

So here it goes…

Dating; I started 2017 communicating with a catfish, ignoring all the signs as he messed with my head & made me feel like crap. Eventually picked myself up from that to end up with two guys older than me who ended up ghosting me. During the summer I dated a younger guy but the age difference was something I couldn’t ignore no matter how I tried. End of the year saw me with two emotionally unavailable men, one who has become a friend of sorts, the other who made me realise I deserve to demand more for myself. So 2017 is ending with me still single, hopefully 2018 will end differently.

Travel; My best friends hen began my travels with us heading to Edinburgh. I then made my way to Thailand, struggled at the start however I met some wonderful people & am still in contact with one. London was next & this helped me realise that solo travel means doing whatever you want to do, even if this is spending it doing nothing in a park! Belgium was a fantastic short break in August & I finished my travels in Croatia which is an unbelievably beautiful country. I loved all of my trips though sometimes I felt I travelled too much abroad when there is so much to see in Ireland.

Health; Ok so this is partly why I struggled this year & I cant say my health was that bad. However it took my up until August to realise that how I felt for a long time was actually a physical health issue & not necessarily a mental health issue. Basically I have had bouts of depression this year. I mentioned before it is not a term I use lightly, however it was something that affected me. Along with this I had periods of exhaustion where I would come home from work & nap for two hours, still feeling tired after this. This was during the summer where the previous year I spent it hiking every chance I got. So being a vicious circle the lack of exercise & physical exhaustion lead to more depression. Eventually blood tests revealed it was an under-active thyroid which I was aware I would eventually have. I googled symptoms & this made me feel better knowing that I wasn’t imagining them. However by my second blood test my levels corrected themselves which meant I would not be out on medication. I at least am now aware that if the symptoms present themselves there is a possible reason. When I just started feeling normal & got back out to hike, I ended that day with spraining my ankle at home which messed me up for 6 weeks. I looked forward to the Christmas period as I had a week off to hike & I got a bloody cold! 2017 really wanted me to be lazy & put on weight!!

Car problems; When I wasn’t sick during the summer my car was acting up. I loved my car, it was only 8 year old. However every third week I had to leave it in to be fixed. Overall the car cost me €1000 which I really couldn’t afford. I ended up getting further into debt & upgrading my car to a 152.

Concerts; I was lucky enough to see Ed Sheeran this year & he was amazing as usual! I then went to Phil Collins which was way better than expected ( I was also drunker than expected). The Killers supplied me with extreme pleasure in London in July & again in Dublin in November. U2 were also in July however whilst their stage was fantastic I have seen better concerts from them. Little Mix was November & whilst I enjoyed them I felt the sound was sometimes off. Very eclectic genres of concerts!!

This year also saw me putting myself first when making a hard decision. Whilst it wasn’t easy & unfortunately it affected others I am happy to say I don’t regret my decision. I also signed up to a course to try challenge myself. Still awaiting results of my first assignment in 16 years!

So in hindsight I am glad I rewrote this blog post! I don’t think it was as bad as I really felt. I did have hard times & struggled with loneliness which is hard to explain to people when they know me as a social person & have their opinions of my life. People don’t always show their struggles. Mostly everyone tries to put on a brave face but only when people have experienced their own will they understand others. We can all try to be kinder to each other which is easier said than done I know.

For 2018 I have travels to look forward to along with more concerts. I have a divorce to look forward to! I will be testing myself further with this course & still on the lookout for someone to share my life with. I will hopefully still have my Izzie beside me, keeping me sane with her love & loyalty.

I hope 2018 will be a better year for everyone, especially those who lost someone they cared about xxx


Time does help

The early hours of this morning marked the three year anniversary of when my life changed dramatically without my foresight into any of it. My dreams of houses and babies were crushed as I realised that I needed to put myself first for once. This meant separating myself from the marriage that was constantly messing with my head, hurting my heart and suffocating every other bit of me that was left. 

It wasn’t an easy decision. I struggled for months to make it a final one in fairness. Looking back I feel sorry for myself if I’m honest. I was battling with everyone who loved me and wanted the best for me, telling me to walk away from him versus my own confusion of loving him and thinking he loved me back, wanting my marriage to work and the frightening thought of being alone. 

Without going into the events of what happened fully,as I am not sure whether that is fair, I will say that a bad decision on his part affected both our lives more than he could have imagined. I will also say for a while I was unable to contact him which had me out of my mind. The past few months had our relationship falling apart. The trust was gone and he kept making things harder instead of easier. I found that I couldn’t bring myself to say I love you in response to his. I knew I loved him but I struggled at times as it was so hard. In the few hours when I did not know where he was it was something I regretted in case I never saw him again. The next time I got to see him, even knowing in my heart that we would probably separate, I made sure to tell him because I meant it. I really did.

In the proceeding months I continued to prove my love with supporting him and talking to him when I really should have told him to go fuck himself a lot of the time! Sorry if that offended anyone but dealing with an addict can be very challenging at times. Especially when they don’t want to work on their issues yet they use part of it ” GA tells me to get better I have to be selfish “. This has to be the most infuriating part of GA as the addict has always been selfish anyway and you have always put them first. Is there ever a time when you get put first? Or your marriage that you both entered in to willingly??

Basically the three years since separating have been a rollercoaster. People told me at the time that it’s like a death and they are right. You go through all the grieving stages over and over again. In Ireland you have to be separated four years before applying for divorce. It has been mentioned to me about lying to get divorced quicker however I declined as that’s not me. I am honest even in hard times and I am also learning to put myself first. I will not be forced into something that doesn’t feel right. Don’t get me wrong, I am not dragging this out. I am ready to end this chapter of my life, I may even celebrate it with friends. I just am not willing to change who I am as a person to do so. 

So the countdown is on. Twelve more months and a new life awaits. I am under no illusion that this will be easy for me. I honestly believed when I married it was for life. I thought I would have two kids and a house by now. However I have a fabulous dog and so many travel plans that I can’t even keep up with myself! I have dealt with what life has given me and adjusted my priorities. 

A look into my past..

Ok so I haven’t posted in a while so I decided I better write something. A couple of weeks ago I drafted a piece about this fab evening I had and how content I felt. But when it came to completing it, I couldn’t. I felt it was too deep and people may not want to read it, so it has remained in my draft section and I’ve been unable to write anything since. 

Yesterday I had the complete opposite type of day. I felt extremely unhappy and sad, not being able to understand where it all came from. It was possibly the after effects of the cider the night before but in my opinion that only enhances feelings that were already there in the first place. 

So after a long walk by the beach I thought about my blog and why I started it in the first place. I came to the conclusion that I chose for this to be a lifestyle blog, one where I would love for people to read it and feel like I helped in some way. When I read blogs about solo travel it helps me believe that I can do it also. When I read people’s stories about addiction I don’t feel alone. If I could do that for anybody then being completely honest would be worth it. 

So here it goes…

Ending my marriage was the hardest thing I had to do. But I’ve never regretted it. At times (like yesterday) when I feel lonely, surrounded by couples and families, I remind myself of the loneliness I felt in my relationship. It’s the worst version of it that there is. When you have someone who is meant to love you and support you but they are never around even when you beg them to be, you can’t help but feel alone. 

After I found out about the debt, well some of it as more seems to come out, I told my ex that I wanted every Sunday to be a family day. A day for us once a week to try get our relationship back on track. Sounds simple right? It lasted about two weeks. After that my husband forgot about the agreement and what he had put me through and went back to doing whatever he liked. He would use the fact that he owed so much money as a manipulation to not have to spend time with me. The evenings he had free he would do nixers and tell me it was for our benefit. He also agreed to fight in a charity boxing match without consulting me. It meant more time away from home than he was already spending. This lasted a few weeks before he got hurt in the ribs. My dear husband couldn’t attend a public hospital, God forbid. No he went private which meant further debt. He also chose to go back to his therapist instead of the free GA meetings which added more pressure onto us. I know this may seem heartless but in retrospect I’m not sure if he even attended a therapist. Everything in our life seemed to be lies. 

After a few months he started heading out after work without telling me. I would expect him home and he would come in drunk hours later after drink driving. He lead people to believe that he deserved it, that I was being too hard on him. I was the one person who was there everyday for him and I was being made out to be the bad person. All because I wanted my partner to spend time with me. It was like a kick to the stomach. It got to the point of where when I did get to spend time with him, I hated being around him. This person has taken everything from me and taken my dreams away from me. All I wanted was a husband, two kids and a nice house somewhere. I’m not ambitious at all but I thought that wasn’t much to ask for. 

When everything came out one of the hardest things I had to deal with was putting my dreams of children on hold. I really struggled with that even though I knew it wasn’t the right time to have kids. When I would hear of friends becoming pregnant it would hurt so bad and I would be filled with jealousy and resentment. Jealousy towards them and resentment towards Him. I hated myself for it but couldn’t stop how I felt. Then I ended the marriage and I discovered that it never happened for a reason. My husband was so unreliable, never keeping his word, letting me down. I ended up being glad that we didn’t have children as I don’t think I could have put up with him letting them down. 

I eventually have got used to the fact that kids may not be part of my future. I’m trying to look on the brightside by focusing on the positives, not having to get up early on weekends, pitying myself when I’m sick, planning trips to places I’ve never been. It might come across as selfish but it’s survival mode. I can’t be focusing on self pity, it will make me a person I’m trying hard not to become. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still hurt, it just means I’m good at hiding it. 

So that’s part of my past, hope I haven’t bored you too much. Maybe now I’ve been honest I’ll have a more uplifting post soon for you to read xxx