Hens in Edinburgh 

Ok so last year my best friends sister asked for my help with organising her hens for this year as we’ve been friends 18 years so I know her pretty well. I was honoured and set about pricing flights and hotels to give them options about where to bring her. I knew she wouldn’t want too much expense on people and as she’s getting married on St Patrick’s Day to get sun you would need to be travelling further afield than usual. With the Ryanair flights being pretty good times and only €80 return to Edinburgh we chose to go there. 

So considering I booked so far in advance I got a great deal on a hotel that rated well on Tripadvisor. The Apex City of Edinburgh hotel in Grassmarket to be precise. £68 a night for a double room without breakfast. I had to check on rooms nearer our departure and the price had doubled so we definitely got a good deal. 

The next thing I booked was our transfers. I googled a few companies and went with Rideways as they had the most competitive price. I have to say from the moment we landed we were well looked after by this company and I would recommend them to everyone. The cabs were always waiting for us, the cars were immaculate and the drivers were very pleasant. 

We had decided that what tends to happen on hens is that the second night is always the main night but sometimes after all the alcohol on the first day, everyone tends to be too tired to fully enjoy the activities. My friend didn’t want costumes or fuss so we booked a cocktail class in Revolution for Friday afternoon with food to follow and we would remain in our t-shirts for the entire day. T-shirts were ordered from http://www.henpartysuperstore.com and they were pretty reasonable. 

We got other bits and pieces to surprise her with and did a few personal touches too that we knew she would like. We also booked her make up with Makeup Masters Debbie as she always makes us look amazing and just a nice treat to send the Hen off with. 

With everything sorted we were all excited to be heading off. Layers upon layers of tan were applied 😂. Prosecco was ordered in the airport and then we got told off for the rudeness of our t-shirts! The hotel was lovely in a great location. The castle was right in our view. The reception staff were lovely and helped us with any queries we had. Another bottle of prosecco awaited us in the room, gifted by a friend who couldn’t make it!

After the bubbles we made our way up the hill to Revolution. The class was good fun, with us all in dirty minded form. The poor bloke teaching us was mortified! There was shots for right and wrong answers and unfortunately one of the girls was suffering for a while later after consuming the chilli shot for being incorrect.

After the class we had a two course meal and more alcohol. The staff were lovely and food was good too. However the atmosphere on the Friday was lacking so we made our way to the Three Sisters which is a big pub that attracts hens and stag parties. 

We had a kitty for our drinks, grabbed a seat and ordered a lot of alcohol. We spent the first hour play “Never have I ever” and laughing at each other’s stories. We are all a filthy minded bunch so there’s always a dirty giggle to be had. As the time went on the music got louder and we ended up dancing. Some guy got very excited dancing with our hen and ended up hurting her back, though with the amount she drank the effect of this wasn’t felt until the next day. We met up with another stags and had a bit of banter. In Britain the pubs close about 1am (in Ireland most close about 3am) but on this occasion we were happy to make the journey back to the hotel. Bottled water is supplied free of charge so we stocked up at reception before falling into our beds. 

The next day some of us were worse for wear. We eventually managed to peel ourselves from the beds and go to get some food. The Saturday was a miserable day unfortunately so we had to get umbrellas from the hotel. After a bit of indecisiveness we stumbled across a place called Brunch. It was very busy and we had to squashed in together on a small table. The food was lovely and reasonable however the service was slow. It took a while to take our order and from there it was a long wait for our food. 

We got a taxi from there to John Lewis and after that we wandered around the high street. It was such a pity is was raining as we all would have liked to explore Edinburgh more. Some parts reminded me of something from Hogwarts. It is a place I will return to sightsee at some point in life. 

We all met in the hotel restaurant at 5pm to fill up for the evening. We were the only people there. My meal was nice however some of the girls weren’t impressed with their mains. It did the job anyway and we headed upstairs to get ready. 

After more prosecco, games and tears we all left to head to Revolution again. This time it was packed. I had to wait 30 minutes at the bar to be served! The music was good and the dance floor was full. We met the stags again and we just buzzed off them for the night. We got kicked out of there at 1am and finished off our night in a rock bar that was open late. 

Needless to say the next day we were a little bit tired! We got ready for the airport and as soon as we checked out our driver helped us with our bags. We would have liked an extra day but we’ll know for the next time!