Thank you for being a friend…h

Ok so it has been a long time since I posted on this. I’ve been busy with course work so that when I have spare time I do not want to spend it on a computer writing!!

This post will be a quick one so I decided to write it on a topic we will all be familiar with, friendship. It is a tough one to get right and often we confuse friends with acquaintances. I have a certain view of friendship and that is the type of friend I aspire to be. It doesn’t mean that everyone shares these views and that is fine. I have had many different types over the years and as a result of this I now know who my real friends are and who I want to keep in my life. Below I’ve looked at a few types I’ve encountered over the years..

The one looking for better

When I was younger I actually acted my age and sometimes wanted to remain a child. I wasn’t interested in growing up before my time and for this reason I was constantly dumped by friends. They would head off and play/hang around with people cooler than me then come back to me when they got bored. I would let them because I was so happy to have them back.

The selfish one

Ok we all probably have a slightly selfish friend which is fine once you are aware of that. However years ago when I was a dope I had a friend who let me pay her into clubs, buy her drink and we could only go to places she wanted to when she wanted. I learnt my lesson when she cancelled on me after the time we were meant to go out. All because I wanted to go to a different club. Turns out she cancelled me but then talked another friend into going to where she wanted. That was pretty much the end of that friendship.

The dramatic one

The one who craves drama whether they create it or just want to hang around you when there is drama so they get gossip. If that’s your thing then that is cool however I rather stay away from drama.

The one that will drop everything

There’s the friend who will offer to help you in every way and they actually will if possible. They will rearrange their plans and give you their last cent if you let them. These friends are great friends to have and not because you can get them to do all that but because they want to. The trick is to not ask it of them or put them in a position where you take advantage of their good will.

The organizer

It may be you in your group but there will always be one of your friends that will be the reason for the get togethers. This becomes harder to organise as you get older when relationships and families come first. These again should not be taken advantage of as sometimes it’s nice for it them to be asked!

The ride or die ones

These are the ones who have been there and remain there for you. You may have had fall outs but you know your friendship is worth more than who is right or wrong. They will accept you saying no to them and feel free to say no to you or pull you up on your faults. They will be honest about the *rsehole you have fallen for and will be there for your tears when they are proven right. They will be messy with you on a night out and not post the ropey pictures of your double chins the next day.

My ride or die always My ride or die always 😊

For me friendship is a two way street. You can’t have one person make all the effort with you, you have to make effort with them too. You have to be honest with them, especially when shopping! You also have to allow them to be honest with you. Real friends won’t try knock you down to make themselves feel better, they will look out for you or help pick you up. It’s ok if you haven’t seen each other in a while because when you get together it’s like no time has passed. You have to understand that the world does not revolve around you. Whilst you are going through a hard time, your friend may also have stuff going on so ask how they are. Above all I hold honesty and loyalty in very high regard in people whether it be friends or family. It might be why I’ve always been a dog person from a young age!!

I am lucky that I have a lot of different types of friends. When you know which type of friend they are you can exert the same amount of energy into the friendship that they do. Sometimes this helps you understand if they are worth hanging onto or not. Also think about what type of friend you are and if you can improve on that. Like I said this is a quick post and I hope it hasn’t been a waste of time 😊


Summertime walks: Pt1 Hellfire Club, Dublin

Ok so I decided to share some of the walks I do during summer, sometimes during the year. The reason is because a lot of people I talk to never venture further than what they already know so it’s always good to discover there’s more out there. 

The Hellfire Club is in the Dublin Mountains near viewpoint and Masseys Wood. It is a moderate climb if you follow the path. If you go through the Forest however it is a lot steeper. As you walk along the pathway you will see an amazing view of Dublin City. Though I do need to warn you that on warm days the insects and flies can also be found in their thousands along the walk. 

Though there are signs saying otherwise I always feel it’s safe for Izzie to be off her lead. It can be tough on her paws with the gravel but worth it when she reaches the top and there’s grass to roll around in. Up here I take in the view and gather my thoughts. I never go in the crumbling building however!

On the way down I go through the forest as it’s downhill and quicker. The walk doesn’t take long and most people I know enjoy it.

My easiest way to get here is to take the m50 and turn off towards Firhouse. Take the left at the next junction near Woodstown and drive towards the mountain. When you get to the t-junction take the left then at the top of that road take the first right. A few minutes up the road you will see the car park on the right.

My constant companion 

Ever since I can remember I have loved dogs. No matter what size or breed I felt the need to pet and cuddle any that I came across. For years I swore I would be a vet when I was older ( until I realised how tough it was to get into). 

At ten I was surprised with a puppy and soon after we rescued another pup. These dogs were family to me. I looked after them as best I could as a child and was heartbroken when my dogs eventually passed. I didn’t think I could go through that heartbreak again. I’d been very lucky with not losing people close to me at that stage so it was my early experience with death. 

Over the years I would help out with other people’s pets but never committed to one. Unless you are a dog lover yourself you may feel that I was foolish to feel this way, but I genuinely felt that to get another dog was being disloyal to the previous two. However following the DSPCA on Facebook my mind slowly started changing. They had a picture of a dog with text saying basically that it’s unfair not to pass on the love you showed your pet to another. It got me thinking about adopting a dog again, even an older type as they were unlikely to be rescued. 

I live in an apartment so my husband didn’t think it fair for us to get one. Other people had dogs but he said it would be cruel to be working all day and leave them couped up. He promised me that when we got a house we could get two dogs so that they wouldn’t be lonely and they’d have a back garden. 

A year later my dreams of a house crumbled down when I discovered the debt. It took a couple of weeks to sink in and when it did I made the most selfish decision I had made in years. “I’m getting a dog, I don’t care what you say!!” is what he got told. 

I had made my mind up when my dogs were alive that I would never purchase one. Too many were abandoned in need of a good home so I would only adopt a rescue. Also after minding a puppy for two weeks I realised I wanted an older dog as pups are very hard work and they destroy your stuff!

I set about looking on DSPCA and Dogstrust websites. I was informed by a friend that to rescue I would need to show them a house with a back garden to succeed in getting one. I’m not 100% sure if this is true, however I have never been taken up on my offers of fostering when they request help on their social media. My friends brother however was looking to regime his pet and was getting desperate as he didn’t want to contact the pound. She was a Cairn Terrier and looked very scrawny in the photo. I agreed to go over and see if we were suited but I didn’t commit for definite. When we met she was noisily barking but I could see she just wanted attention. I got told abou her, how she didn’t get on the furniture, how she was trained to not go toilet indoors and how she didn’t like the rain! I felt she suited my home and I agreed to take her a week later as I had other commitments and didn’t want her left alone when she would only be adjusting to her new home. 

From the very first day we were a perfect fit. I took her to introduce her to my parents and they loved her straight away. They love dogs however after trying with puppies previously they realised they are too old to deal with dogs daily and it was unfair on them. Three years on and you rarely see me without my dog. She became family the moment I got her. My parents take her whilst I’m in work and like most “grandparents” they spoil her. This has lead to her being a bit heavier than when I first got her. I think it suits her though. 

On top of Sugarloaf again

Izzie has come on many trips with me. We took her go a pet friendly hotel in Killarney before we split, she climbed Croagh Patrick and Sugar Loaf (twice) in the past year. Though I actually think I exhausted her too much on CP, so never doing that again. She’s visited the Cliffs of Moher and Giants Causeway too. I basically feel like a traitor if I was to do something outdoors without letting her accompany me.

My best friends dog recently passed and it brought home how lost I will be when it happens with Izzie. This dog has got me through so many lonely times, cheers me up when I’m down and makes me get out of bed when I’m hungover. She adores me and is so very loyal, even against her own benefit at times. I believe pets can help so much with mental health for all the points I’ve made just there. 

Well travelled Cairn

For anyone considering getting a dog I would definitely think hard about things. It’s a big adjustment. I walk her 2/3 times a day but I have no kids so I can afford to. Food and vet bills can add up. Mainly though you feel so much guilt leaving them alone. Izzie was trained not to go the toilet indoors but I believe that can be tough. She was also used to being left alone everyday. It didn’t make it easier though. Obviously you have to go to work but I rarely do anything in the evenings which would leave her alone. I got her before I realised I would be her sole owner so I didn’t think I would be leaving her to go out dating etc. Also I’m lucky that I have my parents to take her when I go on trips away. I arrange them when I know they will be here themselves as I know they are her family too.

Take this all into account. If you still think you would like a dog I recommend adoption from a rescue centre or dog pound rather than to buy one. There are so many puppy farms out there mistreating dogs that you don’t know what is good and what isn’t. Plus the fact that there are many many good dogs in need of a loving home and a second chance. 

Hopefully I haven’t bored you or come across like a crazy dog lady!!

Izzie paddling her paws