Trying new things

So last year I made the decision to try as many new things as possible and that has continued to this year! It made me feel great to do stuff I had never tried before and gave me a great sense of achievement. For so long I had felt low in myself, I doubted a lot of stuff about myself and my life that to actually do something I set my mind to and complete it, well that just helped build back up my confidence. I can do things by myself, I just needed a reminder.

These things do not have to be monumental huge events like climbing Everest or running a marathon (though they would be amazing, I know my boundaries!). They can be baking a cake or cooking a meal you have never tried before. Go for a walk alone or even to the cinema. Take that course you always wanted to try but keep telling yourself it’s not the right time!

For me I tried the following:

  • A concert solo- ok when I booked a ticket to Brandon Flowers last year I figured it wasn’t too expensive if I decided not to go. The reason I booked was because I’m a huge fan and the last time he came I thought my ex would surprise me with tickets but he didn’t and it sold out. I always regretted not going. Also we went to a concert before and I basically was left alone as he went off to find a friend that went solo and kept him company instead of his fiancΓ©! So I kinda had done it before. The concert was the night before I went to San Fran and I was a bit nervous going alone but it worked to my benefit. I got closer to the stage as the bouncers pitied me! I got to enjoy every minute as I had no one else’s enjoyment to worry about and no one was trying to talk to me. Great concert and I realised I would rather go solo than miss out on an artist I want to see again πŸ‘πŸΌ
  • So my next thing was (as per my San Fran post ) testing out driving in America. I have to say I felt sick even though I am a confident driver. The highways are crazy, like 5-6 lanes and big massive trucks over taking you. I hated every minute of my first day driving, I couldn’t wait to reach LA from San Simeon so getting to the hotel was the best relief ever πŸ˜…. However the next day when we had a break I decided to give it another shot. I reasoned with myself that it was like being a learner driver and I just needed practice. So I continued to drive for the next three days. I drove up to Griffith observatory, to Venice Beach and then to Las Vegas. By then I didn’t want to return the car, I loved it. I didn’t give up and I easily could have. I got to see more of LA than I would have without the car and I now know I can drive on the opposite side of the road and survive!
  • Horse riding was next. I always wanted to do this since I was little but never had the opportunity. My friend Kate sent me an offer of a 2 hour horse trek for half price so we snapped it up. When we got to the stables we got nervous looking at the height of the horses. Typical that we got put on the two biggest ones when we were complete amateurs πŸ˜‚. The rest of the group had a clue what they were doing, I always seemed to be at the back of the trail. But I loved it! My horse was great and didn’t bolt. I was sore the next day but so happy I did it finally. I’m actually hoping to book to do it again this summer.Β 

Ziplining- I booked this with my friend and my sister thinking it would be quick and easy. Not a bit! It was like an obstacle course in the trees. We went to zipit in Tibradden wood, Dublin which you book in advance.

I was the last of my group to start so they had gone on ahead before I had to do the zip line part. It took a few minutes for me to grow some balls, luckily no one was behind me! I finally did it and it felt great. It was a long line too. When it got to the other lines it got easier to throw yourself off the platform and trust the line will hold you!! Probably the hardest bit was at the end where you have to base jump to finish. My sister who is normally fairly balsey, nearly wet herself with fear! When we did it, we laughed at how silly we had been. We were totally safe in the harness, we just had to trust it

  • Croagh Patrick is something that never crossed my mind. It was on my friends bucket list so I said F it I’d join him. It was a horrible day in August which is a pity as the views are amazing from what I’ve seen on Instagram. It also made it so much tougher climbing up with hailstones beating against you (yep i did say August!) and the rocks wet as you try to climb. However after nearly two hours of me moaning I reached the top! I realised that I didn’t give up, I stuck with it and I could do it. I swore I would never do it again, especially as on the way down I fell at least 4 times!! However I am thinking about it again as I feel like I missed out on the view πŸ€”

Finally the scariest thing I did last year was tell somebody that I liked them. This may seem immature to some but it was a huge deal to me. I always chickened out as I grew up. I don’t have the biggest confidence in myself and my last relationship made things worse. However I really liked this guy, to the point of babbling infront of him and my hands shaking when I was near. I’m a grown up ffs and it had to stop! So I did it, not face to face as I didn’t think it would be a good thing for either of us, but by message. I got a reply after what seemed like days but it was only hours and it was a positive response. It wasn’t anything definite but it gave me hope and made me glad that I did it. Nothing came from this, date wise, but I didn’t regret doing it. This guy I liked wasn’t repulsed that I liked him, which shocked me. It gave me hope that maybe I could find someone nice and they may like me too! Also I got an answer instead of hanging around wondering what if?. I finally began to feel like I was getting control of my life again 😊
So that was my new things of 2015! I have a couple of new things done this year so far but I have a list I still need to complete. Hopefully my trip later this year will tick off a lot of boxes so that I can fill you in.

Life is for living people, try new things. If you don’t like it don’t do it again. You have a choice, you are in control of your own path. Just have as few regrets as possible πŸ˜‰